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I see there are new intro videos on the EDU webstie. What happened to the old intro video for “zSpace for Education”… the one where she is eating the “apple PI”??? I used to show that to my students as that is the system we have in our schools. Can I please have access to the old video- or can you send it to me personally so I can download it to my computer?
Thank you!!!

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Hi Jaclyn,

Thanks for reaching out! I anticipated that someone might be looking to use that video. Not a problem. It is the season for updates. Lots of great new features, especially with the integration of zCentral, and, thus, new resources and videos are now available. Feel free to access all of our videos, including the “How to zSpace 300” (the zSpace video with Apple Pi) at

Here is the direct link to use with your students.

You mentioned downloading this video which prompted a thought. I was thinking that others on this site might want to know where else our videos are located. All our zSpace videos can be downloaded from They are also found on YouTube as well.