Ideas for Remote Instruction

  1. Take a screenshot of any model from Studio, VIVED Science, Human Anatomy Atlas, Auto Expert, or any other apps, and have students label various parts or provide descriptions of the model they are learning.
  2. Tailor Activity plans and student worksheets found at via Google docs or Microsoft Word as a starting point to create learning opportunities rather than starting from scratch on a topic.
  3. Create or edit Activities ( in Studio, Newton’s Park, Franklin’s Lab, or Euclid’s Shapes, and then record yourself walking through each page for the virtual classroom. (A Reference Guide for Tour Builder for Studio will come soon.)
  4. Record your zSpace screen via Gamebar (a Reference Guide will come soon), via Zoom, or via zView with yourself in the Augmented Reality Mode (if on an AIO with a zView kit).

Search for and share lessons on this Community page.

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