If you were on the zSpace Community Webinar today, say "Hi" here! July 22, 2019

Welcome to the zSpace Community! As your first experience within the community, please say a quick hello and tell us how you use zSpace in your space!

Hi Dee - nice to hear your voice again. Hope all is well. Cheers

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Hello–Veronica Neumann

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Hi Lisa! Welcome to the community!! Thank you for posting :smile:

I am a 7th grade science teacher from Bleckley County Middle School in Cochran, Georgia.
Teresa Maddox

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Hi Veronica- Thanks so much for joining! Welcome!

Hi Teresa, We are excited to see you here! Welcome to the Community!

Hi! Sherry from IL School for the Deaf. Thanks for the webinar today!

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Hi Sherry, So great to have you here with us today! Thank you for posting and welcome to the Community!

Hi))) Nice community for zspace users

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Hello! We love Newton’s Park in my Physics class

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Hello…my first visit to the zSpace Community!

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Great! Thank’s Stacy!

Here is a new NP Quick Tips guide. Check it out! https://cdn.zspace.com/downloads/documentation/edu-resources/Newtons_Park_Tips_051519.pdf

Great! Welcome to the community Tia!

Hello everyone, always enjoy the zSpace updates.

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Hello every one,
I could not assist any webinar. I was curious to know if there is a video of the webinar that can be view ? We are enjoying our AIOs and I wish to get more familiar with the 2019 updates, we did it just few weeks ago. I understood that one of the webinar was about the upgrade.

Thanks for your help.