It's Week 2 in the Community! Grab a cup of coffee (on us) and share with your colleagues


What’s one question that you always wanted to ask other teachers about teaching with zSpace? What’s a cool management strategy you’ve used?

Share an idea. Then, when you receive your cup of coffee, read the responses and ideas!

We do a lot of cooperative learning in teams. We have 3 machines in our classroom and groups sign up for time to use them on a time sheet. Other tech tools are available so everybody is using the tool that fits their purpose in the moment.

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We do a pilot/co-pilot system in a lab of 15 Z Space machines. I adapt each activity to incorporate a “switch” at the halfway point. The “pilot” wears the standard glasses and operates the stylus while the “co-pilot” wears the non-tracking glasses, directs the pilot using the written activity sheet, and records answers if the activity will not be submitted online. This allows the space to accommodate a full class of 30, encourages good interpersonal skills, and builds in review at the halfway point.


I use a similar strategy but call it driver and passenger. I like the “pilot” terminology!