January 22, 2019: Updated and New Learning Apps for zSpace Laptop

During the summer of 2018, we announced the new zSpace laptop at ISTE. As we work to optimize applications for the laptop, we will sometimes have information to share that is device-specific.


This week, we are excited to share the following information with you:

Special Notes:

  1. Unless noted, updates are available through App Manager.  
    IMPORTANT:  To resolve potential on-going licensing issues with Studio, Franklin's Lab, and Newton's Park, after updating, each application MUST be launched successfully. If you are prompted for a license key, please re-license the application.  Click here to learn how to retrieve license keys.

  2. All Studio activities and models are now available for the zSpace Laptop.

  3. Automotive applications are now available for the zSpace laptop.

  4. Use zCentral to access all apps and activities. Learn more about zCentral.
    If you don’t see the zCentral icon on your zSpace desktop, install zCentral using App Manager.

  5. Updates include fixes to common issues and bugs.

Share the great things you’re doing with zSpace using our Twitter handle @zSpace or contact us through support@zspace.com if you need assistance.  We love hearing from you!