Middle School Math Ideas

Hi everyone! I’m looking for some ideas for Middle School Math teachers to incorporate zSpace in their lessons. I’d love to hear what other schools are doing. Thanks!

Hi Gina, my name is Simone Wood and I am a part of the magnet team here at Mike O’Callaghan Middle School. Our 6th grade math teachers used some of their collaboration time to try the math activities on Zspace. They were really impressed, and particularly like the ‘Exploring Ratios’ activity for their students!

Thanks Simone! I will note the Exploring Ratios. Please pass along anything else they liked for their students. :slight_smile:

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The math team members that have used our Zspace lab also liked the Comparing Slopes (Slope Matter!) activity for 7th graders, the both math and science members liked the Design a Roller Coaster activity. :slight_smile:

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