SEL: Social & Emotional Learning with zSpace!

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On this site, you will find a great supporting video with real customer SEL stories as well as some relevant case studies.

zSpace is committed to providing students with academic support for academic and career and technical education and supporting the tenets of SEL. Examples of this support include:


Provide students with opportunities to collaborate with their peers around academic and CTE content. Through collaboration, students are able to express unique perspectives, appreciate different perspectives, and apply those perspectives to expand or gain new knowledge.

Fearless learning

Provide students with an environment for learning that encourages responsible decision-making related to content. Based on the application of decisions, students immediately learn the impact and have the opportunity to make adjustments to their thinking. Failure is encouraged as a tool for learning to build student confidence while learning about the world around them.

Responsible decision-making

Provide students with opportunities to explore content through simulations allowing students to make decisions that have an impact on the world around them and observe these impacts.

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Appreciation for diversity of life

Provide students with opportunities to learn what makes all living things unique and appreciate the diversity of life.

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