STEM Units with zSpace

STEM Units with zSpace grades 2-5

Here are some lesson ideas to accompany zSpace usage. I try to create a span of 3 weeks or so on a topic to include a typical classroom lesson/experiment, zSpace lesson, and engineering task related to the topic.
Please feel free to add your own unit ideas:)


Hi Heather! Thanks for sharing such a great resource!

For everyone else in our community reading this post . . . Heather is an Elementary STEM Teacher in Las Vegas. This is her second year using zSpace and has doing an amazing job bringing all grade levels into her STEM classroom. zSpace is just one of the great tools she uses with her students.

The document she has shared with you above is a great “At A Glance Visual” for those who are looking to align zSpace Activities with their existing content.

Thanks again for sharing and sparking ideas for all, Heather!

Thank you for preparing and taking the time to share this activity!