Taking Screenshots in a zSpace Activity

Many people think you can’t take a screenshot while in a zSpace activity. Well, that’s not true. Here are the steps to taking a screenshot.

  1. Open the zSpace app and complete on the screen what you want to take a pic of on the screen. (Have students label parts of the model on the screen, etc.)
  2. Hold down the Shift Key and the Prt Sc (Print Screen) key on your keyboard. This will capture a picture of the full screen. Note: you won’t see that screenshot anywhere. It is on your clipboard and waiting for you to paste it somewhere.
  3. Open your Google Doc, Word Doc, or wherever you want to paste the screenshot and hit Control+V. This will paste it into your desired document.

How do I get to my document without closing out of Studio or my current zSpace app?

If you’ve already opened your document: Hold down the alt & tab buttons. Every time you click on tab you will cycle through your open windows. Stop when the blue line is around the window of your doc and that window will be opened. Your Studio window is still active. Just repeat this process when you want to get back to Studio (alt + tab).

If you haven’t already opened your document:
Tap on the window key on your keyboard and navigate to your desired program, doc, etc.

Below is a sample of screenshots taken in Studio.

Screenshot in zSpace.pdf (242.7 KB)

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Screenshots taken in this method are also available in the Screenshot folder - under Pictures in the folder menu on your zSpace.


Here is a screensheet of where to find the screenshots.