Using zSpace with Google Classroom

Tips for Google Classroom and zSpace use:

Connecting zSpace Activity Worksheets to Classroom

What: zSpace activities have Google Docs available to you that contain the questions asked within the zSpace activity. This means that students can answer the questions via a Google Doc rather than in the zSpace activity itself.

When to use:

  • When you want students/student pairs to answer activity questions and submit through Google Classroom for review/grading.
  • When you want to edit the questions students respond to – you can edit the Google Doc and ask students to refer to this document during the activity rather than the Activity Guide within the activity itself.

Tips for successful use:

  • Consider having chromebooks or other computers available for students to use simultaneously with zSpace.
  • If students are 1:1 with zSpace, they will need to learn how to swap between the zSpace app screen and Chrome. Alt+Tab allows swapping between apps on most computers. If this doesn’t work, try pressing the Windows key to the left of the space bar.

Instructions to access Google Docs of zSpace Activity Questions:

  1. Visit ‘Activities’ to choose the activity your students will use.
  2. Select ‘Google Doc Worksheet’
  3. A new page will launch:
  • If prompted: log in to your Google account
  • When the ‘Make a Copy’ button appears, select this and a document will be created and added to your Google Docs.
  1. Follow your usual steps to attach a document to a Google Classroom Assignment (notes on how to do this below).

Attaching zSpace Activities to Google Classroom

What: zSpace-created activities can be launched through a hyperlink. If you have created your own activity, you cannot yet create a link, but we are working on this!

When to use:

  • When choosing activities from zSpace Studio, Franklin’s Lab, Newton’s Park and Euclid’s Shapes.
  • When using a zSpace-created activity, to decrease the number of steps to find and open an activity – students will click the link in Google Classroom and the activity will open directly.

Tips for successful use:

  • Use only for zSpace-created activities in the following applications: zSpace Studio, Newton’s Park, Franklin’s Lab, Euclid’s Shapes
  • Be sure the zSpace stations are connected to the internet prior to the class session.
  • When creating the Google Classroom assignment, use the ‘Hyperlink’ button rather than cutting and pasting the link – this will create a clickable link vs. having students cut and paste the link from the description.
  • This method does not yet work for activities created in VIVED Science, Curie’s Elements and Leopoly. If you are interested in how to attach files from activities you have made, please contact us at:

Instructions for getting a link to zSpace Activities:

  1. Open the zSpace Application which contains the activity you have chosen: Studio, Franklin’s Lab, Newton’s Park, Euclid’s Shapes.
  2. Choose ‘Activities’ from the main menu screen (you can be logged in as a guest or as yourself).
  3. Find the activity you have chosen.
  4. Click on the hyperlink icon which will copy the link for this activity to your clipboard.
  5. Go to Google Classroom, choose the assignment you want to add the zSpace activity to and use Ctrl+V to paste the address into the assignment.

What happens when the student clicks on the link?

  1. A web page is launched and then the activity you chose is opened on the zSpace.
  2. When the activity opens, the student will be prompted to ‘Continue as Guest’ and they should select ‘Continue’. If a student tries to open the link when not on a zSpace, they will not be able to open the activity.

Any tips for using zSpace with Schoology?

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Welcome to the community, Jennifer! Great question and I would love to hear from our forum as to how they would use zSpace with Schoology. I have some ideas and tips but wanted to give others a chance to share first.

I would like to challenge everyone here to provide a response in the form of a chat or a video. Easy to upload here.

Looking forward to getting this conversation started!

Hey Jennifer!

Congratulations on becoming a TOT zSpace Certified Trainer in Texas!
Love that you are getting active on our zSpace Community Site!

You are truly a guru in your use of connecting zSpace to your district Schoology program. Your work with zSpace and Schoology is so impressive! I would love for you to share what you have been doing with Schoology to get the ball rolling. I know our zSpace Community would love to learn how easy and purposeful your use of Schoology has been. So impressed by your work in SAISD!

If anyone else is using Schoology with zSpace, please share with our zSpace Community.

Go zSpace!