Video - Examples of zSpace Lab Layouts

Grades: All
Subjects: All
Standards: N/A

This short video clip is a showing of other zSpace Lab spaces to spark ideas of how to design your lab. Examples of perimeter, u-shape, lecture seating, libraries, huddle spaces and more!

Reply back with a picture of your zSpace lab set-up!

I think the most important aspect of setting up a lab is to make sure one can use it as if they were normally teaching in a classroom with all the necessary space, areas, and board areas.


We designed a STEAM Lab in each of our 3 elementary schools. We have 6 zSpace computers per school.


What a great place to imagine, think, dream and explore! Thank you so much for sharing/ How many students participate in this space each week?

Thanks :smiley:
Teachers can sign up to bring their class to the STEAM Lab to work with them on their own, to do a lesson with me or to work with one of our technology teachers. We’ve aligned zSpace lessons to the science curriculum so Grades 4-6 have a zSpace activity for each trimester.

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