zSpace CTE LESSON EXAMPLE: Identify and Define the Components of Fluid Systems

Provided by: Clinton Barnes, Manufacturing Instructor for Cimarron-Memorial High School’s MERIT Academy - Las Vegas, Nevada
Software Application: Advanced Manufacturing Pneumatics by Fun2
Hardware: zSpace Laptop
Presentation: Live using Google Meet and video capture card

This lesson is connected to Nevada Manufacturing Standard 4.4.2: Identify and define the components of fluid systems. Previous to this lesson, we talked about what “Fluid Power” was and gave some general descriptions of these systems’ various parts like cylinders and directional control valves. While I have some photos in my lessons, I used the zSpace to show features that I did not have photos of (but we talked about including single-acting cylinders and solenoid versions of directional control valves vs. manual controlled versions) and actually get an inside view of components including while they were in operation, something that I can’t do any other way.

Thank you, Clint for sharing such a great lesson with the zSpace Community!

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