zSpace Lab Management Ideas

Share your ideas on how to manage your zSpace Lab at your school. We would love to hear from you!

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Here is a great way to store your zSpace glasses. Thank you to Wheatland-Chili High School, who got these - stackable! - stands from a local eye doctor.


Any advice for the best way to sanitize the glasses?

Hi Jaclyn,

Here’s an article to help! Glass cleaner, alcohol wipes for nose & temples, UV carts work as well.

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Check out these glasses holders that middle school students in California created and 3D printed for their zSpace lab.


Here is another way to keep your zSpace glasses clean - use an ultraviolet cabinet.

Photo taken at Cumberland Regional High School (Bridgton, NJ)

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Here is a great example of a zSpace system from Lowman Elementary School in Clark County School District.

Note the following:

  • Desktop reflects what the machine should look like after the kids finish/leave making it easier for kids to put things back where they need to be.
  • Serial no. is printed on bottom of machine making it easier for teacher to provide info to our support team when needed
  • 3D printed clip -on glasses holder on top of machine - clipped on to the top of machine to make it secure
  • And my favorite….a 3D printed stylus holder the school created using TinkerCad!



Do you have the .obj files for your stylus holder and/or the clip-on glasses holder? I’d love to get a starting point instead of reinventing the wheel. Looks great.

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Thanks for the question! Let me try to get that for you. Great idea.

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This is the one I just designed after reading your post. It’s printing now so we’ll see how it comes out. If it works, the base should fit the stylus and hold three pairs of glasses.

I do like the idea of attaching something to the AIO but I wasn’t positive about the size to attach so I thought something free-standing might be better for now. I also included our logo on the base of the one that’s actually printing.


What a great share! This is great! Unfortunately, our team does not have access to the file of the “green nose” glasses holder. If we are able to gain access to it, we will post it here. I love the idea of everyone sharing their TinkerCad creations related to the organization & storage of glasses! Thanks for sparking the idea, @corifrede!


Attached is an .stl file of a stylus holder. Both .obj and .stl file formats are supported by most printing software and 3D printers. A big zSpace thank you goes out to the champions at Lowman Elementary for the .stl file and the great desktop ideas!! :star2::love_letter:
StylusHolder for zSpace.stl (134.0 KB)


Thank you - I am printing now!

Here is another great zSpace lab! This one is at Bible Center School in Charleston WV. Notice the reference sheets have been made into framed posters. The hanging lights are used in place of the overhead florescent lighting when the zSpaces are in use.

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We are currently creating an elementary (PK-5) STEM Lab and wanted to decide the best configuration for the Zspace area that would allow students to work in small groups (2-3). Does anyone have their zSpace devices in a multi-functional lab space? We were considering placing them against the wall, side by side, but we thought it would be too crowded for group work. Any suggestions are very much welcomed. The STEM lab will be in an empty traditional classroom space.

Check out the labs at Royall Elementary School and Phenix City Schools. They are featured in this webinar with additional information about how the lab is organized.

Thank you so much! I will view the webinar to see their labs.

I would love to see some pictures of how you decided to set up your space!