zSpace Uses for Nursing/Medical Education

Grades: CTE
Subjects: Allied Health

Create orientation module for faculty
Orientation to zSpace Creative use in the Classroom
Designing a learning module to enhance self-efficacy and competency in the use of VR technology to enhance learning in and outside the classroom. The six sessions are designed to provide an orientation to the program and best practice ideas for implementation for your classroom. The sessions build from orientation and navigation of zSpace to actual demonstration of classroom use. Topics include developing interactive content using Panopto recordings, and best practice for learning. Focus will be on the Human Anatomy Atlas app, zSpace studio, and VIVED Science apps.

Creation of assignments focusing on pathophysiology
Create PowerPoint in VIVED using a voice over video program or Z view
Use animation to compare different disease processes-example the normal beating heart next to an infracting heart
Can be used to show whole class as imbedded in ppt files or individually online

Create assessment questions based on presentation.
Looking at the anatomy of the beating heart (cross section) notice the values, what holds them in place? ​
What are common diseases or injuries that can occur to them?
What are common symptoms you would see in a mitral value prolapse? ​

What would your plan of care for this patient be? List 3 interventions.

What do you notice about the rate and rhythm of a heart that is infarcting?​
What symptoms would your patient exhibit?​
List 5 interventions you would provide immediately to this patient?

Add questions on content to exams to assess learning from technology.

Hands on in classroom
Bring machine into room, bring up normal anatomy program, ask student to identify how a disease or process affects the patient. Example: bring up vasculature of brain and ask how diabetes affect neuro. You could also use any other metabolic or systemic disease process.
Have students identify how changes in normal anatomy is affected by disease

Attribution: Kathy Wolz, Nursing Teacher/Joliet Junior College, Joliet, IL

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I trained teachers at a high school in Texas that were so excited to get the ECG program because they taught a ECG certification course. Students could leave their program upon HS graduation with this certification. However, they lost their male teacher and felt it wasn’t appropriate to have female teachers placing the leads on male students, etc. Or, when they broke up into practice groups, there wasn’t a male to work with the boys. Using the ECG program, they can practice all they want and not even have to worry about that.